FMC - Flagge bunt -

FMC - Flagge bunt

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A real FULL METAL CRUISADER has to fly his flag open. The present model is not only perfect to be hoisted at the mast of the liner one sails across the ocean with. It also may decorate your apartment walls and cover your windows perfectly due to it size of 1 x 1,5 m. The most courageous CRUISADERS even have a flagpole in their front garden and show their neighbours around the housing estate whose musical followers they are. The multicolored flag shows the >FULL METAL CRUISE logo with the lettering, the liner and the waves in front of the ocean scene with the evening sun mirroring in the water and already land in sight. Below this you see the words "POWERED BY W:O:A®". Only real with the "BULLHEAD" in the centre of the "O". A fine souvenir. Measurements 1m x 1,5m
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