Saxon - The Saxon Chronicles - DVD -

Saxon - The Saxon Chronicles - DVD

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SAXON belong to the bands connected most tightly with the W:O:A® and therefore are a gladly witnessed guest on one of the big festival stages. So in 2001 where the grand masters of British metal let the eagle land and offered a magnificent cross cut through their repertoire in a great playing mood. The first of two DVDs of the package called "The SAXON chronicles" contains exactly that special gig and it really smokes. The second DVD presents scenes from the tour life of the great Brits, TV interviews and live appearances plus official videoclips from back in the day. It is already a must have for true fans of the pack but especially for greenhorns it is the best way to get an overview over SAXONs beautiful music. The language is English, the format PAL, the band width 16 : 9 and the age limit for these 215 minutes of nothing but pure anthem like British steel is 12.


Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 2001
01 Motorcycle Man
02 Dogs Of War
03 Heavy Metal Thunder
04 Cut Out The Disease
05 Solid Ball Of Rock
06 Metalhead
07 The Eagle Has Landed
08 Conquistador (Drum Solo)
09 Crusader
10 Power And The Glory
11 Princess Of The Night
12 Wheels Of Steel (Guitar Solo)
13 Strong Arm Of The Law
14 20,000 Ft.
15 Denim And Leather

DVD 2 Video:

Saxon on Tour

Saxon Official Videos:
01 Suzie Hold On
02 Power And The Glory
03 Nightmare
04 Back On The Streets Again
05 Rockin Again
06 (Requiem) We Will Remember
07 Unleash The Beast + Behind The Scenes
08 Killing Ground

Saxon on TV – Interviews, History, TV-Appearances:
01 And the Band Played On
02 Back on the Streets
03 Never Surrender
04 Denim And Leather
05 Wheels of Steel
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