Forest Gum - Chewing Gum - W:O:A Edition -

Forest Gum - Chewing Gum - W:O:A Edition

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With the limited edition Forest Gum Black Mint, W:O:A and Forest Gum show a clear message. Forest Gum make their chewing gum from renewable, biodegradable raw materials. And the joint Black Mint edition is not only in our favorite black from cover to heart, but also refreshes with a hint of eucalyptus and (of course) vegetable activated charcoal. The best thing to do is access it directly!

In addition, Black Mint is plastic-free thanks to a base made from chicle tree sap, but it gets even better: For every pack of Black Mint sold, Forest Gum, the Wacken Foundation and the non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects ( plant one tree for the more natural and to support people in Honduras.

Honduras is a country with a rich biodiversity: mountain forests, pine-oak forests, mangroves and dry forests can be found here. Plus hundreds of land, freshwater and marine animals and plant species that are unique in the world.

The uncontrolled deforestation, especially for the production of palm oil, and the clearing of land for agriculture also threaten people. That is why the reforestation projects are also about them and about new sources of income that secure their livelihood in the long term.

You can find detailed information on the Forest Gum Black Mint website

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