• W:O:A - Toolkit - Wera x Wacken -
  • W:O:A - Toolkit - Wera x Wacken -
  • W:O:A - Toolkit - Wera x Wacken -

W:O:A - Toolkit - Wera x Wacken

not available anymore

A must have for every Wacken-goer / Wacken fan!

The ultimate festival set for survival in (almost) every difficult situation. In W:O:A design with Wacken logo for Wacken fans. A 17-piece tool set for successful repairs both on big festival fun-makers such as campers, tents, buses, but also on small objects such as glasses, shishas, e-cigarettes or many technical devices.

bullet points:

.            17-piece tool set with supplementary option

.            Bit holder with Rapidaptor technology, including 9 BiTorsion bits with key screw profiles

.            Multi-component Kraftform Micro handle with roll-off protection and rotating cap, incl. 6 micro bits for fine screw                           connections

.            In sturdy folding pocket with low weight for easy transport

.            With exclusive W:O:A 3D label on the bag



1 bit handle telescopic blade 817 R Kraftform with quick-change chuck Rapidaptor; suitable for bits with 1/4" external hex drive according to DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3 and E 6.3 and Wera connection series 1 and 4.

Telescopic blade retractable in the handle (which can also be removed and inserted into the screwdriver as a bit holder), 1/4" hexagon, suitable for screwdrivers with DIN ISO 1173-F 6.3 mounting.

1 bit handholder Kraftform Micro 322, magnetic, suitable for bits with 4 mm external hexagon drive according to DIN ISO 1173-C 4

9 BiTorsion bits for long life, tough, for universal use. With Take it Easy tool finder: With colour coding by size and size stamp - for easy and quick finding of the desired bit.

6 Micro Vario Bits, tough, for universal use.

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