• W:O:A - Trinkflasche 2019 -
  • W:O:A - Trinkflasche 2019 -

W:O:A - Trinkflasche 2019

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With this product we support the WIR - Water Is Righ Foundation and therefore the water supply in Africa, Central and South America, as well as Asia.

With each WIR bottle we set an example in the fight against plastic waste and support water and sanitation projects as well as City CleanUps in developing countries and create sustainable jobs locally.

The bottle is robust and recyclable and therefore not only extremely practical but also sustainable. It has a large cap to easily fill with water and a smaller one to make it easy to drink. This makes it the perfect companion at work, during leisure time or for a festival.

The water bottle comes of course in our favourite colour: black! On the bottle itself you can see the W:O:A anniversary design incl. Bullhead and the inscription "Keep it clean", as well as the Hashtag #waterisright.

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