Wacken United 2024

Wacken United 2024 - Ticket • 31.07. - 03.08.2024 • Wacken

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Venue: Wacken (Wacken)

Wacken United - Bands, business and true backstage feeling

The metal family celebrates its biggest annual party at Wacken Open Air. Here, the world’s best fans come together, as well as bands, partners, press and record companies. A big industry get-together on the marketplace of the metal scene, class reunion, music fair, coffee party, PR opportunity and, of course, party central combined.

Our Wacken United Area is the best place you can imagine for this: You’ll find rocknroll desks in the press area, cold beer at the bars that are never far away, relaxed lounge areas for when you are in need of a festival break, and of course the best catering! The special thing about Wacken United: Fans are also welcome!

You can find more information on wacken.com

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Price level  Amount tickets Base price Discount  Sum
4 - Days Ticket  -   +  €  333,00
Single Day Ticket - Wednesday  -   +  €  111,00
Single Day Ticket - Thursday  -   +  €  111,00
Single Day Ticket - Friday  -   +  €  111,00
Single Day Ticket - Saturday  -   +  €  111,00
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