Open Metaltix orders - Logistics Update

Open Metaltix orders - Logistics Update

Many of you have been waiting for Metaltix packages to be delivered, sometimes for several weeks already. Unfortunately we have to let you know that the logistics situation is still tense and will remain so for the time being. Of course we know that you are eagerly waiting for your orders like T-shirts or the additional offers from our ticket exchange and therefore we would like to inform you about the background.

In short: Our logistic chain has suffered a lot of dents due to force majeure. At the same time, we would like to assure you that we will get all orders on their way as quickly as possible. Therefore we ask you to refrain from contacting our support if possible and hope to answer your questions with the following information.

As everyone can understand, the entire logistics industry is currently facing special challenges. More goods are being shipped worldwide under difficult conditions than ever before. It goes without saying that the transport of medical goods, for example, is a priority. However, this also causes delays in Metaltixs operations.

Raw materials (e.g. T-shirts) do not arrive in time at our manufacturers due to customs restrictions or short-time working, which in turn delays final production and shipping to you and us.

Also our team is not spared from the effects of the crisis. As you surely know, our shipping is done by the workshops of the Stiftung Mensch and many of the employees belong to the risk groups of the epidemic. Due to the applicable regulations, our colleagues are therefore not able to pack parcels in full.

A further bottleneck arises with the logistics companies, which also work at or even above the load limit. In addition,please note the following: The status "electronically announced" at DHL does not mean that your parcel will arrive soon. Only the parcel number was created and transmitted to DHL, the parcel is ready for pick-up, so to speak.

We would like to apologize for the delays, but we ask for your understanding that in the current situation there is simply no other way. But we will get it done as soon as possible, promised!

And apart from that: Keep calm and listen to metal. Under all circumstances.

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