W:O:A 2023: Everything about the ticket sales

W:O:A 2023: Everything about the ticket sales

The ticket presale will start on August 7, 2022 at 20:00 here at metaltix.com.

So were moving the timing to daylight, so we all dont have to spend the night beating our brains out like we did in the past.

As usual we distinguish in Fast-Tickets and Hard-Tickets. All tickets are purely digital and personalized.

The categories at a glance:
The Fast-Tickets, limited to 10,000 pieces, will be the first to go on sale. They cost 299€ and come with a free and exclusive special t-shirt.

As soon as these tickets are gone, the sale of the Hard-Tickets will start. They also cost 299€. The free T-shirt is omitted here - otherwise both tickets are identical in terms of performance.

That means: All tickets allow the visit of the complete festival on all days and the access to all stages. The main program will take place from 02.08.2023 to 05.08.2023. Camping is included in the ticket price and possible from 31.07. to noon of 06.08.2023.

A special bonus for all fast metalheads: Those who order in the first 24 hours after the presale start will automatically take part in the raffle of a unique and not for sale W:O:A Harley Davidson worth over 60.000€!

The first W:O:A 2023 merchandising:
Whether you snagged one of the 10,000 free shirts or not, two more exclusive W:O:A 2023 shirt designs will be available exclusively to fans who purchased a ticket!
Additionally, there are other exclusive bundle items like stickers, postcards, a lanyard and of course a souvenir paper ticket.

Important: After your ticket order has been processed here at Metaltix, the tickets will automatically be transferred to the Wacken Ticketcenter. There you can start the order for all physical items. The items will then be transferred to the shopping cart on Metalmerch. There you can also order regular W:O:A merchandise. The shipping of the items will not start before September 1, 2022.

W:O:A 2023 - 02.08.-05.08.
With Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Dropkick Murphys, Wardruna, Beartooth, Ensiferum, Pentagram, Jinjer, Nervosa, Deicide, Burning Witches, Two Steps From Hell and many more!

Presale from: August 7, 2022 at 20:00 - only here at metaltix.com.

See you in Wacken, rain or shine!
Your W:O:A Crew

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