Camper-Park 2024

Camper-Park 2024 - Parzelle Var C: 10m x 10m • 28.07. - 04.08.2024 • Wacken

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Venue: Wacken (Wacken)

Camper-Park offers a home to all Metalheads traveling with their own motorhome, caravan or similar vehicle. On the western W:O:A site, you can reserve a plot (in three different sizes) and also get your own power supply. This is the perfect area for all Metalheads with family and children. The W:O:A festival site is connected with the Camper-Park via an installed pedestrian bridge.

Three different plot sizes are available:

option C: approx. 10 m x 10 m

The power supply (two-pin grounded plug; 230 V) is for the sake of the environment and to avoid many small, noisy power generators (max. 2 KW), included.

For more plot sizes click here.

Arrival from Sunday 28th July 2024, 08:00 am - Departure until Sunday, 04th August 2024, 12:00 pm

The purchase includes only the accommodation and is available exclusively for ticket holders of a Wacken Open Air 2024 ticket!

You can find more information on

Price level  Amount tickets Base price Discount  Sum
Plot - Sunday Arrival
Arrival on Sunday 28.07.2024
 -   +  €  449,00
Plot - Monday Arrival
Arrival on Monday 29.07.2024
 -   +  €  399,00
Plot - Tuesday Arrival
Arrival on Tuesday 30.07.2024
 -   +  €  399,00
Plot - Wednesday Arrival
Arrival on Wednesday 31.07.2024
Sold out  
Plot - from Thursday Arrival
Arrival from Thursday 01.08.2024
Stock critical
 -   +  €  399,00
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