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Stephan Weidner (born 29 May 1963 in Alsfeld, Hesse), often called "Der W," is a musician and music producer. From 25 November 1980 until 18 June 2005 he was the bassist, songwriter and leader of the German hard-rock band Böhse Onkelz. Weidner was also a singer with Nordend Antistars, a collaboration with Sub7even singer Daniel Wirtz.

Solo Career:

On 25 April 2008 Weidner released his first solo album Schneller, Höher, Weidner (Faster, Higher, Weidner), for which he recorded some songs with Pro-Pain. From March 2009 until April 2009, Weidner toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland to promote this album. Opening acts included the Danish rock band DAD, the American metal band Pro-Pain, and the German hard rock band Skew Siskin. For his live performance, Weidners band consisted of Rupert Keplinger, Dirk Czuya, Henning Menke and JC Dwyer.

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