There are few bands that are as difficult to classify as Die Apokalyptischen Reiter from Weimar, Germany. Fusing Melodic Death Metal, Folk, Pop, Flamenco and various other genres into their very own Reiter-style, they obviously don’t want to anyway. The beginning of this controlled chaos dates back to 1995. One year later they release the demo tape “Firestorm” and embark on their first tour through Germany and Eastern Europe – all organized singlehandedly.

The debut album “Soft & Stronger” is released in 1997 by Ars Metalli, who also publish “Allegro Barbaro” two years later. With this record the band already experiments with new elements, such as acoustic passages and clear singing. This evolution continues with “All You Need Is Love” (2000) and the more elaborated keyboard parts, courtesy of Dr. Pest. He is also one of the band’s main live attractions due to his BDSM-inspired appearance.

After a tour through Europe with Macabre in 2001, “die Reiter” – as they’re called by their fans – play their second gig at Wacken Open Air (the first was in 1999). The following year is overshadowed by arm injuries with which both, singer Fuchs and drummer Sir G. (who had replaced former member Skelleton in 1999) had to deal. But this doesn’t stop the band’s career: They sign with Nuclear Blast and their next album “Have A Nice Trip” (2003) enters the German charts.

The next highlight in the band’s biography is marked by working with famous Danish producer Tue Madsen on “Samurai”. They also play nearly 80 concerts in 2005 and already start preparing their next record “Riders On The Storm”, which is released in 2006. The following tours take them to Eastern Europe again, where they are supported by a growing fan base. Guitarist Pitrone leaves the band in 2008 and is replaced by Lady Cat-Man. That year they also release “Licht”. Cat-Man doesn’t stay long and leaves the next year, being followed by Ady.

In 2011,”Moral & Wahnsinn” is released, as well as the band’s first Japan release, the compilation “The Greatest Of The Best”. Two years later, “die Reiter” travel to the US for the first time and start working on their first double album “Tief. Tiefer”, which will be released in early 2014.

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