Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles over Wacken DVD -

Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles over Wacken DVD

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SAXON is one of the primary rocks of the Heavy Metal movement and they belong to WACKEN like the black tower next to the shop and the mighty "BULLHEAD do. So what is more obvious than a live DVD recorded at the W:O:A® with clips from 2004, 2007 and 2009. All the videos from the three concerts have been mixed up with the title and the year of recording being faded in at the beginning of each song. You may wonder what this is all about until you realize this would be the ultimate tracklist for a SAXON concert that you will certainly only experience on this DVD. The compilation features 31 clips that give you a perfect overview on SAXONs recording career since 1979. "Crusader", "Denim & Leather", "Solid Ball Of Rock" and all other classics come with a perfect audible and visual quality. The passion for playing with all the musicians is amazing considering their actual age and even rock out a few scarcely performed tunes like "Rock the Nations","RocknRoll Gypsy" or "Stallions of the Highway". The impressively opulent atmosphere of the WACKEN OPEN AIR is certainly the ideal place to record such a live DVD, especially when you are headliner. The DVD comes without age limit in PAL format for all players made to play region code 2. Let the eagle land.
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