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Glamping auf dem W:O:A 2022

1 Event: 02.08.2022 - 07.08.2022, Tickets from 399,00 €

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Tickets from 399,00
Residenz Evil 2022
WackenWacken (Wacken) • 12:00 PM
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WACKEN OPEN AIR 2022 tickets


1 Event: 03.08.2022, Tickets from 66,66 €

The lineup for the additional day is led by none other than Tobias Sammets Avantasia! The Metal Opera project has already been our guest several times and always thrilled tens of thousands of fans with top-class shows. Epic songs, an elaborate production and a guest list consisting of the crème de la crème of the best metal singers: thats what Avantasia stands for!

As another highlight, the Dutch symphonic metal giants of Epica will perform at Wacken Wednesday! Not only the mighty voice of singer Simone Simons makes Epica concerts a real highlight, but also the skillful mix of different styles of metal, which the band weaves so seemingly effortlessly.

Also on the bill are Gloryhammer, the multinational power metal troupe led by Alestorm mastermind Chris Bowes, as well as the so-true-as-entertaining Brothers of Metal, who went straight into the Top 10 of the German album charts last year with only their second album.

With Varang Nord from Latvia, the Metal Battle winner of 2019 is also at the start, in the luggage of their longboat the finest Viking songs are stowed.

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Tickets from 66,66
Wacken Wednesday 2022
WackenWacken (Wacken)
Tickets ab 66,66 €
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